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Dave Garner

Dave Garner

Santa Fe, NM


I am continually inspired by the world around me: people, places, nature, buildings. I will point my camera at almost anything if I think I can capture it in an interesting and novel way.

My father gave me my first camera when I was 15 a 35mm Pentax Spotmatic while we were living in Heidelberg, Germany. Once I developed my first roll of film, I was hooked. From there, I began photographing anything and everything. For the next 30 years, I have danced between the creative worlds of photography and music. Those two worlds became my breath: as a successful singer & songwriter, I breathed out, and as a photographer, I breathed in.

Over the years, I found my photography interest focused mainly on the varied landscape of nature. My pursuit of landscape photography took me throughout the United States, including New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado & California. As it is with most photographers, I maintain a long list of places I still want to photograph.

More recently, I've been interested in abstract & still life photography, and bringing concepts to life. I find it very rewarding when the objects I include in a photograph are able to tell a story that otherwise would not be told.

I continue to look for new subjects to photograph, no matter who or what it is. And I have to believe that the most interesting scene is just around the next corner.


Plant Covered in Ice by Dave Garner


Moonlit Aspen Leaf by Dave Garner


Moonlight Yarrow by Dave Garner


Leaf of a Lily by Dave Garner


Into the Lily by Dave Garner


Golden Yarrow on a Blood Moon Night by Dave Garner


Fairy in Garden Pot by Dave Garner


Golden Lily by Dave Garner


Curl of a Lily by Dave Garner


Easter Lily on Black by Dave Garner


Autumn Feathers by Dave Garner


Church Under an Angry Sky by Dave Garner


Leaning Toward Heaven by Dave Garner


Tent Rocks No. 1 by Dave Garner


Tent Rocks No. 2 by Dave Garner


Fairy of the Harvest Moon by Dave Garner


Sunrise Railroad by Dave Garner


Winter's Dawn Over Santa Fe No.1 by Dave Garner


Buddha Face Closeup No 2 by Dave Garner


Buddha Face Closeup No 1 by Dave Garner